Trump says he received a “wonderful” letter

WASHINGTON | US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he had received a”wonderful” letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which he would “probably” meet again.

“I just got a great letter from Kim Jong Un. We really did a very good relationship. We will probably have another meeting, “said Trump, adding that there was” no urgency “.

The Republican billionaire has also argued that there would have been “a good big war in Asia” without the rapprochement initiated between the two men, marked by their historic summit last June in Singapore.

He had already said the day before, in a brief tweet, “looking forward to meeting President Kim, who realizes very well that North Korea has tremendous economic potential.”

This statement came just a day after Kim Jong Un’s New Year’s speech, in which he threatened to change his attitude if Washington maintained its nuclear-related economic sanctions.

“If the United States does not keep its promise to the world and endure sanctions and pressure against the DPRK (People’s Democratic Republic of Korea), we may be forced to explore a new path to defend the sovereignty of our country and the supreme interests of our state, “warned Kim.

The North Korean leader, however, said he was ready to meet “at any time” Donald Trump to “produce results that will be welcomed by the international community.”



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