Toulouse: lifting of a motorway blockage of “yellow vests”

Mobilized at the toll level of Sesquières, the demonstrators hoped to trigger a “national blockage of the economy”.

A hundred “yellow vests” that blocked since Sunday night the traffic of the A62 on the motorway access north of Toulouse raised their dam Monday morning, said the gendarmerie. Traffic was slowly resuming in the middle of the morning on this axis serving Montauban and Bordeaux, after the departure of the demonstrators toll Sesquières, added the gendarmerie.

Traffic interrupted for two hours. Sunday night, “yellow vests” had set up a filter dam, blocking only trucks. Monday morning, they stopped for more than two hours all traffic in both directions. The prefecture had in response prohibited access to the A62 in the direction Montauban-Toulouse from Saint-Jory.

According to the Facebook page of “Vests yellow Toulouse”, the operation marks the launch of a “national blockage of the economy”. “We will try to stay as much as possible, relaying us,” said one of the participants, Joachim, on Sunday evening. For this student of 19, the action attests to a “rebound of the movement” in parallel with the recent “spectacular events”.

A mobilization up. Saturday, act 9 “yellow vests” has gathered at least 6,000 people in Toulouse, according to the prefecture figure, the strongest mobilization officially recorded in the city since the beginning of the movement in mid-November.


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