Top 10 tips before going on a road trip in Canada (if you want to come back in one piece)


Canada, open spaces and maple syrup, cool people, pine forests, cold, lakes and mountains. We went around the clichés? You’re not there yet, since you’re seriously considering crossing it, Canada. And you’re right, absolutely right, but it’s the kind of projects that are getting ready, we can not go off like that lightly. We are here to help you the little wolves.

1. Getting there long in advance for tickets

We will not hide it, a road trip in Canada will cost you a sweetie. It is not too stupid to want to save on airline tickets by trying to find a correct price. A Paris-Montreal can go up very quickly as the start gets closer. To find tickets for less than 500 euros, the best is to do it at least 5 or 6 months in advance (which leaves more time to save money for the trip).

2. East or West? It’s necessary to choose

Canada is big, very big even. So, you have to choose a course. If you go to the East, you can get to Montreal, take a ride in Mount Royal and, why not, push to the East Coast. In the West, the arrival will be rather in Vancouver for a road trip leading to Calgary. Your choice will depend on the period, but also the landscapes that you like the most. As much to tell you that the Internet is full of advice of all kinds on the unmissable destinations of Canada.

3. Choose your period

Suddenly, the corollary of the destination is the period of departure. If the Pacific coastline has a mild, wet year-round climate, the West, including British Columbia, will be more enjoyable from July to September for canyoning and summer-lit landscapes. The Prairie Region in southern Alberta is very suitable for a spring break. As for the East, influenced by the Atlantic climate, it is very hot in summer: it will be better during the Indian summer, in September / October.

4. Allow time

You will understand: Canada is great. Very large. Very very big: 10 million square kilometers. Even if you narrow your road trip to a small portion, you will need at least three weeks to enjoy the trip. Especially in the West, for example, highways are rare. We never exceed 80 km / h.

5. Choose your car

The goal is to find a car that you can potentially borrow in one city and return to another (if you do not want to make a circuit from a single point but go from point A to point B, then leave to take an internal flight to reach your airport of departure). The Alamo company has the advantage of offering this service in a continental way (not bad if you want, for example, to finish your stay in the United States). Under 25s will take a tax “young drivers” in the face, but the price of the rental is not huge. For three weeks you should get by for 1000/1500 euros. It’s a budget, anyway, but it’s a lot cheaper than in France.

6. Expect a budget of one hundred euros per night

In Airbnb as in hotel, accommodation will cost candy. Of course, it is possible to go wild camping, but it is better to love bears, in this case. Talk to Timothy Treadwell, whose film Grizzly Man recounts life (and death) with bears. Plan a sleep budget.

7. Some things to remember

Buy before you leave an adapter for US plug, otherwise you will galley. You can also buy a portable USB charger to plug into the cigarette lighter, so you do not have to deal with a laptop outage – or just to be able to use the GPS. In this regard, take a package of 20 balls at Free before leaving will allow you to use 2 GB of data in Canada for not a round. And you can cancel if necessary by returning. It looks stupid, but you’ll be glad to have it all once there.

8. Plan a budget excursions

The entrance to national parks and cruises on the lakes you come across can be expensive. These items of expenditure should not be excluded from the overall budget. In addition to food, logistics, gas and sleeping, you could well get away with more than 100 euros per day of entry or excursion fees. It’s very, very fast. These budgets must not be underestimated, or they will end up in Canada to do nothing.

9. Think Bear

There are bears in Canada, particularly in the west and the north, and you will not be able to do anything about it. Fortunately, you are likely to see them through the window of your car and never be confronted. But in doubt and if you really want to immerse yourself in nature, plan a bear spray. A priori it does not help much because using it would mean that you are already in danger, but it is better to equip anyway. Then, during the excursions, make a lot of noise walking, even humming, so as to avoid the risk of bad meeting.

10. Always take your food with you

The further you go to the West or the North, the fewer restaurants you find – and what you find is not famous. It is therefore necessary, before venturing into the nature, to provide dried fruits and biscuits to take away. And obviously a lot of water, but I guess you’re not stupid.



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