The thousand obstacles of Solari: Isco, the VAR, the injuries …

Santiago Solari has spent a short time training in Segunda B to lead a Real Madrid loaded with nuances, in the middle of a season of sharp turns, potholes and mechanical problems. Not in the Dakar. The Argentine, in the middle of so much dune, tries to demonstrate personality and also imagination to adapt his team to the different surfaces. This Sunday saved a poisoned appointment, with almost everything against. From a new injury, that of Benzema , to the controversial intervention (this time it was used) of the VAR, which made the legal goal voided by the referee to Canales for offside. Three vital points for the Argentine, more pressed and observed than ever by the adverse circumstances and their tactical turns.

“We played a very serious game,” he sighed at the end. In the Villamarín it parked its habitual system, the 4-3-3, to reconstruct its eleven in function of the numerous losses that it accumulated. This time, before a Betis of baseball fame, the whites appeared equipped in the center of the field, with the sides ( Carvajal and Reguilón ) halfway between the rear and the medulla, as the wind blows. “They are specific decisions,” he explained when asked about the three central and zero minutes of Isco and Marcelo . The Malaga was on the bench, behind Christ and Brahim . “In no way is there anything personal,” the coach said.

Fracture in Benzema’s little finger

Above, Solari managed to save Vinicius after a few days of flu. The Brazilian did not want to lose his moment. The boy raised his hand to lead the attack of theirs in a start where Madrid again took less effectiveness before the goal. To his disgrace, the rest came back with another low, another serious. Karim Benzema did not recover from an ugly twist in the little finger of his right hand. It suffers a break. His place was for the youth player Cristo González, premiering in the First Division.

Soon it combined with Vinicius and Reguilón course to the goal of Pau Lopez . It looked like an attack by Castilla in El Toralín, but no, it was the current European champion. Soon after, with Real Madrid in the back, Betis drew a controversial play, which will set fire to the debate about the unpredictable use of VAR. After being injured the previous week, in a penalty over Vinicius that neither the referee nor his television assistants saw, this Sunday the Solari team was left with a strange face when the new arbitration aid system corrected the decision of Hernández Hernández cancel the Canales goal for offside.

“I asked Sergio”

The repetitions of the retransmission did not clarify a movement to the limit, of centimeters, whose validation is only understood in the event that the VAR had a better shot than that of the spectators in Movistar. Hernández Hernández relied on the criterion of Undiano Mallenco , the person in charge in the control room. Madrid was very touched, without the ball and with a youthful offensive line. He seemed condemned to another setback league, which would throw him down the ravine of classification.

But the whites found their fortune in the end, in those minutes where not long ago they were even able to win European Cups. It was the former Baetic Dani Ceballos who scored the winning goal in cunning pitch. He gave him courage to take the captain’s fault. “I looked with confidence, I wanted to claim. I asked Sergio . We had talked about it during the week and he said he was going to score ». The Betis youth squad apologized for the 1-2, under the rain of stadium whistles. It ended quite sad. «I did not expect this reception. I leave with a bittersweet feeling for not receiving the love that has been my home for so many years ».


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