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    Toulouse: lifting of a motorway blockage of “yellow vests”

    Mobilized at the toll level of Sesquières, the demonstrators hoped to trigger a “national blockage of the economy”. A hundred “yellow vests” that blocked since Sunday night the traffic of the A62 on the motorway access north of Toulouse raised their dam Monday morning, said the gendarmerie. Traffic was slowly resuming in the middle of […] More

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    In France, “yellow vests” are waking up on their roundabout

    SOMAIN | “It’s a Christmas like at home”: in the north of France, about thirty “yellow vests” were preparing Monday to celebrate Christmas with “their second family” on a roundabout where a priest will celebrate a Mass at midnight. “We’re going to eat mimosas eggs, turkey and the log, as if we were celebrating Christmas […] More

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    Out of breath, the French “yellow vests” still hope to mobilize three days of Christmas

    At three days of Christmas, the “yellow vests” intend to mobilize their troops throughout France for a sixth consecutive Saturday of demonstrations, in Versailles in particular, while the slingshot markedly marked the pace. Just opposite the Palace of Versailles visited by millions of tourists each year, about twenty kilometers southwest of Paris, they could be […] More

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    Majority of French agree with measures announced by Emmanuel Macron

    SURVEY- After Emmanuel Macron’s speech on Monday, December 10, a majority of French believe that the measures announced by the President respond well to the claims of yellow jackets, and believe that the movement must stop. Highly anticipated, Emmanuel Macron’s televised speech on Monday, December 10th, gave rise to mixed reactions. Thus, according to an […] More

  • "Yellow Vests": Several countries concerned for the safety of their nationals

    “Yellow Vests”: Several countries concerned for the safety of their nationals

    “Do not get involved in discussions and other controversies”, “do not stop to take pictures or videos”: several European countries have advised caution to their citizens for fear of further violence this weekend in Paris, while that Americans are encouraged to “low profile”. And if most capitals are limited to calls not to expose themselves, […] More

  • France: the mobilization of "yellow vests" down

    France: the mobilization of “yellow vests” down

    The mobilization of “yellow vests” was down Saturday morning compared to last week according to the French government, but incidents were to deplore in Paris where the police used tear gas and a truck launcher to repel protesters. According to the French Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, 8000 “yellow vests” were counted in Paris […] More

  • Barricades burned and tear gas: a demonstration of "yellow vests" in Paris turns into chaos

    Barricades burned and tear gas: a demonstration of “yellow vests” in Paris turns into chaos

    President Emmanuel Macron expressed Saturday night his “shame” after violent incidents on the prestigious Avenue des Champs-Elysees in Paris, which tarnished a mobilization of “yellow vests” less strong than last week at the national level. The “yellow vests”, which sport these fluorescent jackets that every motorist must hold in case of an accident, denounce the […] More