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    Shutdown: “We have to build the wall,” Trump insists

    Washington | US President Donald Trump hammered Sunday his will to build the wall on the border with Mexico, while the “shutdown”, partial paralysis of the federal government, has entered its third week. Insisting that he had “tremendous support” in the Republican party, Trump hinted that he would not give in on this point in […] More

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    Trump says he received a “wonderful” letter

    WASHINGTON | US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he had received a”wonderful” letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which he would “probably” meet again. “I just got a great letter from Kim Jong Un. We really did a very good relationship. We will probably have another meeting, “said Trump, adding that […] More

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    Trump’s new attacks on former FBI leader

    Donald Trump again took Sunday to James Comey, calling him a liar, after the publication of the verbatim of a parliamentary hearing of the former director of the FBI who defended his action in the Russian investigation. “James Comey the King of Information Leaks must have set the record for the one who lied most […] More

  • Donald Trump took his treasure secretary in a flu

    Donald Trump took his treasure secretary in a flu

    The US president has caught his treasure secretary Steven Mnuchin. He criticizes the turbulence on the stock markets and his skepticism about its methods of business relations. Donald Trump has caught his treasure secretary, Steven Mnuchin, responsible for choosing a central bank president whose rate hike could threaten his 2020 presidential campaign, the Wall Street […] More