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Science tells us why we can love our dog as if it were our baby

We know it perfectly, love knows no limit. And whether it’s your child or your pet, this feeling is pure and unconditional. If you’ve ever wondered why you felt the same way for your child as your hairy friend, this article is for you!

Latestcnews presents to you, today, a study realized by the magazine PLOS ONE, which explains to us why we can feel the same emotions as well for our children as for our dogs.


It’s been more than 30,000 years since we tamed animals to become our companions, and the bond we created with them is imperishable. There is a proverb that says, “The dog is the man’s best friend, but our love for him goes much further.”

Studies conducted at the Massachusetts General Hospital have analyzed the connection between the relationship between parents and their children, and that which is established between humans and animals through similarities in the theory of human attachment. . This theory includes the dedication of a person who gives safety, kindness and love to a child.

The purpose of this study was to examine the functional neuroanatomy of both connections through the analysis of patterns of brain function when an individual saw images of his child and dog. Research has focused on areas of the brain that are associated with the development of emotions and connections between individuals.

It has targeted mothers with children aged 2 to 10, who have also had a dog for over a year. They were asked to bring pictures of their pets and their children. During this study, they were shown images of other children and other dogs with whom they have no connection.

According to the results, the mothers who viewed the photos of their children and their dog showed a distinctive connection in areas of the brain that stimulate emotions, caring, affection and reward. However, when they saw images of children and dogs that they had never seen, no reaction occurred.

It is therefore clear that when mothers talk about “their babies”, they could refer to their dog or their children. It has been proven that the study was correct and that most mothers had strong regional brain responses when they viewed both images.

According to Lori Palley, lead researcher of this analysis, it has been emphasized that companion animals are an important part of people’s lives and hearts. In addition, there are now clinical and laboratory studies that prove it. Also, having a furry friend is really beneficial to human beings because it brings undeniable social and emotional support, because in fact, dogs are small children who never grow up. They always want to have fun, give and receive affection, and love you unconditionally.

By nature, a mother always protects her flock, and in her eyes a child or hairy creature occupies the same place in her heart since both need to be cared for, loved, fed, brushed, and have their own personality traits and their own emotions. They are an integral part of a family, just like the other members of this family. They are great companions, they depend on their family, and most importantly, they are extremely intelligent!


What do you think about the results of this study? Do you love pets, your dog in this case, as much as your children? Leave a message in the comments!


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