Researchers have a very clear understanding of meat and cancer. Many types of meat, especially red meat, are associated with an increased risk of intestinal cancer. Of course, you may think you’re safe if you don’t eat this particular product too often, but still eat processed meat such as bacon, ham, sausages and so on. We have some bad news – they’re not good enough for you either. In fact, the WHO has a list of very clear statistics on its website on the carcinogenic qualities of both red meat and processed meat.

With these frightening statistics coming out about commonly sold meat, many more customers turn to local butchers and farmers’ markets to find useful options. But even this has not proved to be safe. An experienced butcher admitted that he saw his colleagues cut out cancerous portions of meat, but still sold a healthier part to unwilling customers.

Although this may shock some, it may not be entirely surprising news. For many years WHO has been trying to exercise stricter control over meat, which is part of the food chain. However, as demand continues to grow every year, producers are struggling to cope and have to resort to desperate measures to save their business. Recent studies have shown different percentages of all types of meat that are not beef, pork, chicken or lamb, including dog meat, horsemeat and human DNA (most likely from saliva or other bodily fluids from meat processing plants).

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