Quebec City Airline Offers Trip to 85 of its Employees for Christmas

An aviation company from Quebec City thanked more than 80 employees in an extravagant way for Christmas, the group flew to Cuba to spend their holiday season.

“We always made surprise parties. But this year marked the inauguration of our [two] Boeing 737s and we decided to spoil them for the company’s five years, “says Dany Gagnon, vice-president of Chrono Avatiation.

On the morning of December 21, some 85 employees of the Quebec City air carrier embarked on the company’s new Boeing 737, chartered for an unknown destination on its very first flight. The only consideration requested of employees for flying was a donation of $ 100 to the CHU de Québec Foundation, which raised more than $ 13,000.


“Nobody knew where we were going. They had received an email telling them to bring a jersey, gougounes, mittens, warm clothes, and no sunscreen! We wanted to blur the tracks, “says the entrepreneur from Charlesbourg.

Thirty minutes before landing, all the portholes of the aircraft were veiled and the electronic devices were “confiscated”. “We did not want them to cheat! “Says Mr. Gagnon.

The suspense persisted until the very end. The employees did not know until the opening of the door of the plane, landing on the tarmac, that they had just landed at the airport of Havana, Cuba. They then took the road to a five-star hotel in Varadero.

“We had a lot of comments that it’s a great way to do some retention. The truth is that we did not do it with that in mind, “says Dany Gagnon, for whom the trip was above all a gesture of” gratitude “to its employees.

Team success

The Vice President pointed out that Chrono Aviation’s rapid growth from one to 15 aircraft and two to 125 employees in just six years would not have been possible without everyone.

“The success of the company right now is 100% to the employees. For years, the customer has been king. It’s not that it’s not true anymore, but it’s not true anymore! Yes, the customer will always remain someone important. But today, if you want to do business, your number one, your superstar, is your employee, “he swears.


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