Mexico: A hundred migrants trying to move to the United States for the New Year

TIJUANA | About one hundred of the more than 1,500 migrants from Central America who remained in Tijuana, Mexico, after the dispersal in early December of a large caravan, tried unsuccessfully during the New Year’s Eve to enter the United States.

The migrants gathered around 8 pm (4 pm GMT on Tuesday) in the Playas area of Tijuana, on the Pacific, to attempt to cross into US territory despite the obvious presence of many border guards on the other side of the border. metal wall that marks the border in this area, AFP found.

While on both sides of the border the new year celebrations were being prepared, migrants, many of them men, but also women with young children and teenagers, tried to cross, but had to retreat in front of smoke fires

These migrants were part of a caravan left October 13, 2018 Honduras and had traveled some 4,300 km to arrive in November in Tijuana, facing the American city of San Diego.

In total, the caravan had more than 6,000 migrants, mostly Honduran families, who were accommodated in a sports center by the authorities of Tijuana in an outlying area, a few meters from the border wall.

On 25 November, US security forces fired some 500 migrants trying to cross the border wall, using tear gas. This episode traumatized many migrants who resigned themselves to returning to their country of origin or moving to Mexico.

US President Donald Trump called the migrants “criminals” wanting to invade the United States and thousands of US servicemen have been deployed at the border.

In December, the death of two Guatemalan children after their arrest by US border guards sparked a wave of indignation in the United States and questions about the conditions of detention of illegal immigrants, including thousands of minors, who are waiting in overcrowded structures.

Meanwhile, the construction of a wall promised by Mr. Trump for all 3,200 km border with Mexico is at the heart of a budget impasse in the United States that paralyzes federal administrations since December 22.



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