Great debate: Chantal Jouanno excludes resignation from CNDP

Chantal Jouanno, who withdrew from the organization of the Great National Debate, responded to Benjamin Griveaux, who is demanding his departure.

Chantal Jouanno excludes resignation from the presidency of the National Commission of Public Debate (CNDP). In an interview with Figaro published Thursday night, she also deemed “unworthy” the position of government spokesman, Benjamin Griveaux, who claims his departure. Chantal Jouanno is the target of many critics after she announced on Tuesday that she “withdrew” from the organization of the great national debate, because of a controversy over his salary (14.666 euros gross per month).

Chantal Jouanno said that “the commission has found that its contribution will stop at the launch of the great national debate, that is to say on January 15”. It thus clarifies a point that has hitherto been unclear, whether or not this independent authority continued to organize the great debate that Emmanuel Macron wanted.

Jouanno deplores “quite incomprehensible personal attacks”. Thursday, several personalities of the majority criticized the “withdrawal” of Chantal Jouanno and demanded his resignation. She must “learn the lessons” of his departure “incomprehensible”, said Benjamin Griveaux. “The French would not understand that Chantal Jouanno does not immediately leave office,” said MP Richard Ramos, a leader of the MoDem. It is not the CNDP, “whose legitimacy is zero”, to organize the big debate, also said MoDem president François Bayrou.

“These are quite incomprehensible personal attacks, it is in the interest of the good national debate that I get away from it.” It had become impossible for me to fly it, “replied Chantal Jouanno. “The question of remuneration is legitimate for our fellow citizens, and I asked the President of the Republic Monday evening to lower my salary level (…) .The right choice belongs to him”, a- she continued, lamenting the “meanness” of the political world.


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