People don’t keep avocado in the fridge at all. If you do this, the fruit will quickly lose its texture and become as soft as bananas. The polyphenoloxidase in the avocado reacts with oxygen when the fruit is exposed to air and the surface of the pulp begins to turn brown. It is still safe to eat it in the first few minutes, but it will be quite unattractive after a while.

How do most people keep an avocado?

People try different things to keep the avocado fresh. Some cut them open and spray lime or lemon juice on the surface of the pulp. But they still get darker. Some people keep them in the fridge at higher temperatures, believing that too cold will ruin it. Fruits begin to turn brown inside and the texture becomes soft. Others keep them in bags or envelopes, thinking it will protect the avocado from the air. However, they are still brown and soft. These are some of the reasons why people don’t buy avocado wholesale.

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