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    The boy who can not eat

    A three-year-old boy with a serious rare condition that requires him to be fed intravenously at all times gives his parents courage to continue thanks to his contagious good mood. “Every day, you have to make the most of it because you do not know if it will be the last. We try that each […] More

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    For more economical and ecological trail feeding

    The commercially available gels and bars are handy, compact and easy to use. But they help empty your wallet – so small and so expensive! – at the same rate as they fill the garbage bin. Good news! There are economic and ecological solutions to this problem. The composition of the potion “not so magical” […] More

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    The focus on glycogen overload

    Our body needs a good supply of energy when running long distances. To that end, we have been studying glycogen overload since the 1960s. Since then, methods have evolved to experience fewer side effects. Let’s take stock of the right method to practice to fill up your energy reserves before a race. What is glycogen? […] More

  • A needle discovered in a strawberry

    A needle discovered in a strawberry

    A needle was discovered in a strawberry in New Zealand, said Monday the local police, which reminds the contamination that had generated a psychosis in September in neighboring Australia. This is the second time a needle is found in a strawberry in New Zealand. This discovery was made this weekend in a tray sold in […] More

  • How many hours does one have to sleep to be healthy?

    How many hours does one have to sleep to be healthy?

    We spend a third of our lives sleeping. Sleep is very important for health since it helps to recover, both physically and psychologically. However, we are not all equal when it comes to sleep; the ideal duration of sleep is extremely variable from one individual to another. Some people, like Celine Dion, are heavy sleepers […] More