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    For more economical and ecological trail feeding

    The commercially available gels and bars are handy, compact and easy to use. But they help empty your wallet – so small and so expensive! – at the same rate as they fill the garbage bin. Good news! There are economic and ecological solutions to this problem. The composition of the potion “not so magical” […] More

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    Chocolate mousse and salted butter caramel

    For how many people do you cook? 1 Person : Semolina sugar: 23 g Salted butter: 7.5 g Whole liquid cream: 6.5 cl Dark chocolate: 21 g Whole milk: 1.25 cl 2 Person : Semolina sugar: 45 g Salted butter: 15 g Whole liquid cream: 13 cl Dark chocolate: 43 g Whole milk: 2.5 cl […] More