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    Parrot Falls In Love With Alexa And Keeps Ordering Things From Amazon

    A parrot that was kicked out of the National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary for swearing learned to use Amazon’s Alexa and orders items online when the owner is away, according to the The Times of London. Sanctuary worker Marion Wischnewski volunteered to take the parrot, named Rocco, at at her home in Blewbury, Oxfordshire. The […] More

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    Science confirms that dogs can recognize a bad person

    Have you ever noticed how easy it is for your dog to gauge people? As human beings, we often find it difficult to “judge people by their appearance”, but it seems that dogs have this talent. This is probably because they have such incredible meanings that allow them to track people for miles, to detect […] More

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    New law forbids leaving animals outside when it’s too cold

    A new state law in Pennsylvania promises to severely punish people who leave their animals outside when it is very cold. The sentence can go up to 7 years in prison If the owners leave their dogs outside when it is less than 0 degrees or if it is over 32 degrees, they risk a fine […] More