3. Your muscles feel exceptionally weak

If you need a B12, then you will feel weak in addition to feeling tired. This is due to the fact that healthy and strong muscles need a significant amount of red blood cells. Without B12, your blood cells will not send oxygen to your other cells, increasing the weakness in your muscles.

4. Feel the needles

In addition to fatigue and muscle weakness, B12 deficiency often makes people feel like needles. These feelings are often accompanied by numbness or electric current caused by nerve damage. These nerve issues are caused by lower oxygen levels.

5. You have begun to notice a loss of memory

B12 is also responsible for sending oxygen to the brain. Lack of oxygen to the brain will lead to foggy memory, as well as other symptoms of brain malfunction.

People who suffer from problems associated with B12 often assume that they have Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, these people do not receive the required amount of B12.

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