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    “Serious levers of influence”: how the work of Shanghai on the post of interim head of the Pentagon may affect the procurement of F-35

    Acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan was suspected of lobbying the interests of the Boeing corporation, in which he had worked for more than 30 years. This is reported by the American media. In particular, according to sources, and. about. Pentagon chiefs systematically and severely criticize the implementation of the fifth generation F-35 fighter development […] More

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    Left-party meeting in Berlin: Putsch fails

    The left-wing group unanimously renews its commitment to the “indivisible” alliance. In order to avoid the MPs a further escalation in the dispute over Sahra Wagenknecht. A possible coup against the faction leader, their opponents had previously struck out of the head. After the prelude of the two-day protest of the left-wing members of the […] More

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    Failed coup attempt in Gabon

    Libreville | An attempted coup led by a handful of soldiers failed Monday in Gabon, a country whose president, who is ill, has been absent for two and a half months and where the government only keeps current affairs. For the first time in the history of Gabon, a group of soldiers appeared on Monday […] More

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    Shutdown: “We have to build the wall,” Trump insists

    Washington | US President Donald Trump hammered Sunday his will to build the wall on the border with Mexico, while the “shutdown”, partial paralysis of the federal government, has entered its third week. Insisting that he had “tremendous support” in the Republican party, Trump hinted that he would not give in on this point in […] More

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    China makes first lunar landing on the dark side of the moon

    China has achieved Thursday the unprecedented lunar landing of a craft on the far side of the moon, a world first that reinforces Beijing’s space ambitions. The Chang’e-4 exploration module, which left Earth on December 8, landed safely at 10:26 am Beijing time (02:26 GMT), the China New News Agency reported. He sent a photo […] More

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